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Martinique International Film Festival
2016 Summer Edition

Best Carribean Film & Martinique Snake Award: Twilight (Cuba) by Juan Pablo Daranas Molina. Alicia is a young girl who dreams of being an actress but works as a clown in a mediocre traveling circus. During a tour through a remote mountain community where there isn't even electricity, she meets Abelito, a child with a skin illness that doesn't allow him to be exposed to sunlight.


Best Narrative Feature Film: Backtrack (France) by Baptiste Drapeau. Apple is a young man, who came to the world with no particular purpose, but who always dreamed of one thing and one thing only: go and live in the mountains. The day he decides to face his fears and make his dream come true, he receives a gift from the President of the Republic, M. France: an island.


Best Documentary Feature Film: To the forest of clouds (France) by Robin Hunzinger. It's departure time. Eight- year-old Timothee the little half-blood, is getting ready to take the plane to Africa... Although on his mother's side the family is from this continent, he knows it only through tales of witches and elephants. He travels there with his 31-year-old mother Aya. She's taking him with her to Ivory Coast despite the ongoing war because she wants to visit her father's grave and reestablish contact with her family. Robin, Timothee's father and Aya's husband, films them on their long initiatory Journey to the land of the family ancestors during which mother and son both experience moments of belonging and moments of alienation.


Best Narrative Short Film: Fuera del agua (Puerto Rico) by Patricia Cruz. "Out of the water" explores the desires of a middle-aged woman to escape the life she has found herself in.


Best Documentary Short Film: Showdown at Tiger Beach (USA) by Paul Cater Deaton. As an homage to Lloyd Bridges, Sea Hunt, and the black & white television shows of his youth, documentary filmmaker Paul Cater Deaton brings us Showdown at Tiger Beach. On location 25 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama, PCD joined an expedition with Epic Diving and shark shooter extrordinaire, Joe Romeiro, for some of the most high-voltage diving of his life. At times surrounded by 12 large tigers, and dozens of other sharks, the divers found a target-rich environment for filming animal behaviors and heart-stopping human interaction.


Best Animated Short Film: Haruka (Japan) by Daisuke Horide. Rakuyo General High School teacher, Daisuke Horide and his students made this movie.


Best Experimental Film: Konnichiwa Kuma-San! (USA) by Jennifer Revit. In optics two optical systems are called conofocal, if they share a point of focus. Fascinating footage can be created with the help of scientific apparatuses which tends to be only used for further data processing. This experimental short film offers an insight into footage shot trough Laser-Scanning-Microscopes. The smallest organisms and structures will by scanned step by step and hence result into an image pile.



Playing Lecuona (Spain) by Pavel Giroud and JuanMa Villar Betancort

No Place Like Home (UK) by Emily Langdon Smith

Through the mist (Russia) by Maksim Schastnev

According To Ben Adams (Australia) by Dan Noah, Bramwell Noah

Showdown at Tiger Beach (USA) by Paul Cater Deaton

Pierpaolo (Spain) by Miguel Angel Barroso

Pechorin (Russia) by Roman Khrushch

Footprints (Canada) by Kevin Saychareun

Esruc (Taiwan) by Syu,Pei-Hua

Allegoria (Spain) by Nobilis Bellator

I Am Afraid - II (Spain) by Nobilis Bellator

Circles (Czech Republic) by Martin Cenkl

Añoranza (Belgium) by Flo Flamme

A Conscious Dream (Italy) by Federico Telerman, Nicolas Uboldi, Giuseppe Oliverio

Lithics (USA) by Edward Ramsay-Morin

Hangover (Spain) by Alberto Martín-Aragón

Stationary (UK) by Seb Whyte

Xo (USA) by Brian Ratigan

Cold Matchsitck (Portugal) by Ricardo Franco

Cap'n Flapjack: The Curse of the Sticky Anchor (USA) by josh steinbauer

Maskoun (Arabic) (Lebanon) by Sharif Abdunnur, Krystle Houiess

Rabbit Blood (Turkey) by Yagmur Altan

Love surfing (Egypt) by Theresa Khalil

Salvame (Dominican Republic) by Victor grullon

Lifeline (China) by Bin Li

Bright Spot (Cayman Islands) by Tamer Soliman , Rob Tyler

Horn (South Korea) by Byun, Sungbin

Ariel (UK) by Macéo Bhardwaj

My Father's Land (Bahamas) by Miquel Galofre, K. Tyler Johnston

Breathe (USA) by Paul Kowalski

God is dead (South Korea) by Hye-jin Kim, Hye-ryung Kim

Epidemic (Hong Kong) by Kevin Rachim Luk

Lamia (France) by Christophe Karabache

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E poems from the planet (Finland) by Jukka- Pekka Jalovaara

Konnichiwa Kuma-San! (USA) by jennifer revit

Black Skies (Puerto Rico) by Alexis Aguirre

The Weekend Sailor (Mexico) by Bernardo Arsuaga

Indian Summer (Canada) by Yanie Dupont-Hébert

Courage (Brazil) by Sebastião Braga

Beyond (France) by Jean-Baptiste BECQ

I would like to be enraptured, muzzled, and on my back tattooed (Brazil) by Andy Malafaia

The Banisher of Thought (Norway) by Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen

Red All Over (USA) by John Wayne S. III

Just talking to her (South Korea) by Euiyoung Lim

BLOOD MOON (Brazil) by Rezm Orah

SWEET GIRLS (Switzerland) by Jean-Paul Cardinaux, Xavier Ruiz

Fuera del agua (Out of the water) (Puerto Rico) by Pati Cruz

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures (Austria) by Vlado Priborsky

Come what may (France) by Lara Jouaux

La Pintura (Netherlands) by Cinegringos

Maniacs (Sweden) by Isabella Carbonell

Twilight (Cuba) by Juan Pablo Daranas Molina

She(s) (France) by Jason Roffe

Barker (USA) by Lauren Carr

Running Vision (USA) by Taylor Shain

Billets Doux (France) by Simon Thoral

Amoo Nowruz (Iran) by farkhondeh torabi

Maya (UK) by Veemsen Lama

The Testament (Germany) by Oleksandra Geylyk

Little Pig (USA) by Thong Nguyen

Amerindian Fingerprint (France) by Pierre-Nicolas Durand

Shu-De! (USA) by Michael R Faulkner

Backtrack (France) by Baptiste Drapeau

Kaleidoscope (Germany) by Telemach Wiesinger

Exit Thread (Canada) by Paul Andrew Kimball

A Bumpy Ride (USA) by Chang Shu

A Sovereign Dream (Portugal) by Gonçalo Guerra

To the forest of clouds (France) by Robin Hunzinger

Round And Round (Russia) by Alla Cheremisina

haruka (Japan) by Daisuke Horide

Passing Through (USA) by Autumn Mist Belk

Bottomless (USA) by Véronique Vanblaere

Queen Myrai (Canada) by LE BORGNE Jonathan

Between Worlds (Trinidad and Tobago) by James O'Connor

Solitary (USA) by Daniel Ruczko

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