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Cannes International Film Week
2024 Edition

Cannes International Film Week Unveils Award Winners for the 2024 Edition

The Cannes International Film Week concludes on May 31, celebrating a fortnight of cinematic excellence. Over the past two weeks, the festival showcased 75 films from across the globe. Festival curator Kris De Meester remarked, “This festival is dedicated to introducing independent film gems to curators, sales agents, and film distributors. This inaugural Cannes edition has opened doors to the industry and laid the groundwork for a promising future. Our ambition for the next edition is to double or even triple the number of selected films, further opening doors for new visionaries who might otherwise be overlooked.


Cannes International Film Week is a pioneering digital streaming film festival, operating independently yet concurrently with the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Held during the zenith of the film industry calendar, Cannes International Film Week offers filmmakers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their creations to the Cannes audience. IndieWrap highlighted the festival in a cover article, stating, “This festival is about embracing the future of film, the digital landscape, and the unexplored potential it holds.” Similarly, Final Cut Magazine praised the selection procedure, noting, “It’s a thoughtfully designed festival that values the artistry of film over commerce.


Today, Cannes International Film Week is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 edition. From 75 extraordinary films from around the world, the jury panel has selected the following winners:


Cannes Auteur Award’©

For elevating the craft of filmmaking through visionary storytelling and artistic excellence.

Vincent Fontano for the film ‘Sèt Lam’ (France)


Cannes Acteur Award’©

For advancing the medium of acting by embracing simplicity, creating deeply resonant and authentic portrayals.

Elie Ohanna in ‘A Broken Fan (Before the Big Collapse)’ (Lebanon) by Assaad Khoueiry


Cannes Lumière Award’©

For expertly transforming light and image into a motion picture.

Nojus Drasutis for ‘-15’ (Lithuania) by Rinaldas Tomasevicius


Cannes Avant-Garde Award’©

For favoring or introducing new and experimental ideas and methods.

Michael William West for the film ‘The Dream Machine’ (France)


Best Narrative Feature Film

Sleeping Close’ (Italy) by Giulio Pereno


Best Documentary Feature Film

Chaylla’ (France) by Clara Teper, Paul Pirritano


Best Narrative Short Film

Sèt Lam’ (France) by Vincent Fontano


Best Documentary Short Film

My Dear’ (Portugal) by Aragon Yao


Best Experimental Film

Time Capsule’ (United States) by Lauren Loesberg


Best Underground Film

Berlin Bytch Love’ (Germany) by Heiko Aufdermauer, Johannes Girke


Best Essay Film

Algorithms of Beauty’ (Belgium) by Miléna Trivier


Best Animated Film

Nature Attack’ (France) by Erik Semashkin


Best Music Video

They Are Watching You’ (France) by Quentin Bernard


Best Film Audience Award

Sleeping Close’ (Italy) by Giulio Pereno


Best Connecting Cultures Award

Destiny’ (Iran) by Yaser Talebi


Congratulations to all the winners!



Sleeping Close (Italy) by Giulio Pereno

Silent Victims (Iran) by Amirhosein Saghafi

Kat Combination (United States) by Dan Simolke

An extremely moral Murder (Iran) by Mehdi Koushki

The First Two (Hungary) by Balázs Szövényi-Lux

Chaylla (France) by Clara Teper, Paul Pirritano

Berlin Bytch Love (Germany) by Heiko Aufdermauer, Johannes Girke

Nobody Knows Casper (Denmark) by René Odgaard

Insomnia (United Kingdom) by Ishmael Fiifi Annobil, Nana Yaa Annobil

Destiny (Iran) by Yaser Talebi

The Mess We Make (Netherlands) by Allard Detiger

Wayward (United Kingdom) by Ross Casswell

One hand the other (Germany) by Lenna Fichter, Janis Westphal

Sèt Lam (France) by Vincent Fontano

Disused (Sweden) by Susanne Walström, Ester Holmén

Text me when you get home xx (Germany) by Niklas Bauer

A Broken Fan (Before the big collapse) (Lebanon) by Assaad Khoueiry

The source of a river, a night stream (Spain) by Javier Calvo de Cabrera

Timis (Senegal) by Awa Moctar Gueye

Diversion (Politics of) (Belgium) by Simon Heymans

Traveller (United Kingdom) by Caitlin Innes Edwards
Spring Starts Today (China) by Siyuan Liu

-15 (Lithuania) by Rinaldas Tomasevicius

Where do we go from here (Italy) by Antonello Schioppa

Nora (United States) by Caitlin Ferrell

Poor Boy Long Way From Home (Belgium) by Jonas Hollevoet

The Last Day (Netherlands) by Sander Blom

New York Is Expensive, Melinda Is Cheap (United States) by Josh Cohen

Story of a lunch break (Italy) by Marco Del Mastro

Silent Trilogy (Peru) by Daniel Rodriguez-Risco

I'm Here (Bulgaria) by Vilma Kartalska

Fearless Juan (Colombia) by David Pombo

Algorithms of Beauty (Belgium) by Miléna Trivier

My Dear, (Portugal) by Aragon Yao

On mothers and daughters in times of injustice (South Africa) by Talia Jawitz

Death Hotel (Sweden) by Gustav Hugo Olsson

An Island Off An Island (Australia) by Guido Pezz

Wuqiao Circus (Portugal) by Lukas Berger

Evermore (Belgium) by Gilles Van Damme, Anouck Ramaut

Tidal (United States) by Katrina Lillian Sorrentino (Treen)

PathétiQue (Netherlands) by Arash Tagarian

Even If You Love Someone (United States) by Aaron Kopelman

Sad LARP (United States) by Marissa Goldman

Histories of Wolves (Portugal) by Agnes Meng

King of the World (Belgium) by Ron Chiers

Circus Movements (Ethiopia) by Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho

From Moerbeke with Love (Belgium) by Laura De Baudringhien

Limbo (United States) by Alex Ramsey

The Dream Machine (France) by Michael William West

Adieu, Corpus! (Ukraine) by Alexander Isaenko

Shivering wall (Taiwan) by Tseng Yu Chin

Attack (Italy) by Davide Santi

Das Meer (Italy) by Martina Mele

Time Capsule (United States) by Lauren Loesberg

Piero's desperation (Italy) by Mattia Biondi

Rum 444 (Sweden) by Peter Svenzon

Screener (Portugal) by Pedro Florêncio

Shadow (Canada) by Alexander Zip

Dante (Belgium) by Jamie Lee

Boogie Stomp Pink (United Kingdom) by Stuart Pound

You feeling this?!? (United Kingdom) by Yan Hui Chew

Under A Shooting Contrail (United States) by Rika Nakayama

Nature Attack (France) by Erik Semashkin

Poise (Portugal) by Luís Soares

The Leak (Belgium) by Paola Cubillos

The boy and the owl (Portugal) by Mário Gajo de Carvalho

There's a Bison on The Prairie (United States) by Morgan Miller

In times like these... (cinematic) (Singapore) by Yanyun Chen, Alex Scollay, Jevon Chandra

Elevator Alone (Greece) by Anastasia Papadopoulou

Shaka Shams - Balrog (Belgium) by Yoann Stehr, Alice Khol

Simulacra (United Kingdom) by Yining Dong

They are watching you (France) by Quentin Bernard

Detergent Daze by Lucas Ackermann

5 Iron (United States) by Dane Cree, Dan Hoffstrom

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